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As advisor, overseer and confidant, I am much more than a lawyer...

I have acquired a broad base of family, matrimonial law, landlord/ tenant, municipal law, criminal defense in violations and misdemeanors for over 20 years, during which I have represented many clients with individual needs. I have provided outstanding advice to businesses and individuals in the New York metro area and in the Hudson Valley. My clients know that because of the thoughtful and practical nature, coupled with my knowledge and ability, they can rely on me to find the right solutions when faced with difficult personal or business challenges.

I understand that each matter, and each client, is unique. I also realize how important your case or transaction is to you, whether it is an isolated instance or part of the ordinary course of your business. My pledge to you is this: I will utilize my skills and only the right lawyers, support staff, specialists with whom I have working relationships and other professionals with whom I have strategic alliances to ensure that you receive the best representation—and that your fees are reasonable—in view of your particular circumstances.

The attorneys, specialists, and other professionals with whom I have strategic relationships are widely respected for their unwavering commitment to service and excellence. Together we know there is no substitute for thorough preparation and hard work, and we take a no-nonsense approach to resolving conflicts and obtaining results. Give us a call at 845-483-1111 or email us at

Family Law

Family Law

Family law is an area of the law pertaining to family-related issues and domestic situations.

It covers many specific areas including pre and post-nuptial agreements, marriage, divorce, alimony, mediation, child support, child custody and visitation including, grandparent visit, adoption, guardianship and much more.

Disputes over family issues can present a very challenging and stressful situation for families. My goal, as an attorney concentrating in the area of family law and domestic relations, is to help navigate through these difficult times with my clients.

As an attorney and counselor at law for more than 18 years, I have been involved in hundreds of family law cases in Dutchess County, with a tireless commitment to lessen the stress for those involved, and to develop long-term agreements for individuals and families.

The first step in the process involves meeting with clients so that together, we can identify the issues and focus on achieving a fair and honest settlement out-of-court. If that isn’t possible, I will work closely with my clients every step of the way through the trial process.

Give us a call at 845-483-1111 or email us at

Matrimonial Law

Matrimonial Law

Divorce can be challenging.

INFORMATIONAL: Facing a situation like the dissolution of a marriage or union can be a challenging time for individuals. When a couple makes this type of decision, it can be particularly hard when children are involved. As an advisor, confidant and professional, my mission is to establish a fair plan, which includes financial security and an appropriate resolution to the conflict.

In cases of matrimony, issues that may arise include divorce, separation, spousal support (formerly known as “alimony”), distribution of assets, child custody and support. Over the years, I have become intimately involved in many cases of matrimonial law and I realize how important it is for all parties to re-establish a sense of normalcy in their lives.



To bring about a peaceful settlement or compromise between parties through the objective intervention of a neutral party.

INFORMATIONAL:With individuals interested in mediation, I act as the neutral third party to help resolve any dispute in a peaceful way. By facilitating the conversation between the two parties, I can assist in focusing on the pertinent issues at hand so that together, we can identify solutions that meet everyone’s needs. I understand circumstances may make it difficult to work together without conflict, but my role is to help you address the issues differently, communicate more effectively and ultimately find common ground.

Municipal Law

Generally speaking, municipal law refers to any law that applies internally within the county, city, town or village. More specifically, it is a combination of laws, regulations, ordinances and decisions that govern a municipality- like a city, town or local government.

INFORMATIONAL:As a former Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Poughkeeepsie, I defended, represented or advanced the municipality’s interests on behalf of its people. With my diverse legal practice, I’ve worked in the local courts for almost two decades. I understand the local municipal law concerns, and I know what local towns can do to protect their rights, and the rights of the people who live and work there.

If you are being affected by a local code or ordinance or are member of a municipal body that requires the expertise, counsel, and representation of a skilled attorney like myself, contact me.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal law or penal law is the body of law that relates to crime. It regulates social conduct and proscribes whatever is threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering to the property, health, safety, and moral welfare of people. It includes the punishment of people who violate these laws.

INFORMATIONAL: A fairly well-known area of the law, criminal law pertains to crimes, prosecution and defense. Because it is also connected to the rules and statutes written by Congress and state legislators, it also covers a wider range of areas.

Regardless of the charge you may face, a seasoned legal professional is imperative. I’ve been involved in the local courts for over 20 years handling cases for clients ranging from traffic violations to misdemeanors. Perhaps the most important asset in your case is an experienced attorney who can help improve your situation. I will vigorously pursue each and every case and provide a level of attention that is unmatched.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Closing on the home of your dreams or other building complex can be exciting but complex.

INFORMATIONAL: As a lawyer, securing the best talents in the Hudson Valley-– handling real estate closings for many properties in Dutchess County over the years, I’ve learned how important a thorough knowledge of real estate law is when conducting these transactions. This is why a team oriented approach is optimal.

During a real estate closing, all pertinent documents relating to the property are delivered, along with the purchase price payment and the costs to settle the transaction. It involves several steps, which I will guide you carefully through, so that we can avoid any unforeseen challenges.

If you are in the process of purchasing a property, I can help facilitate the final, but crucial last steps of the closing. Call me at 845-843-1111 to learn more.

Landlord and Tenant Law

My practice area in this field is solely to represent landlords/property owners involved in landlord and tenant disputes.

INFORMATIONAL:These disputes can be a common occurrence during the process of renting, one that tends to surface when the parties involved are not fully aware of their obligations. Some of the general obligations of tenants include paying the rent on time, using care to not damage the property and refraining from subleasing without the landlord’s permission. A landlord is responsible for providing repairs on general wear and tear, making the property habitable before new tenants arrive and much more.

If you are a tenant facing eviction, call Legal Services of the Hudson Valley at 877-lshv-law to learn more or 845-471-0058 for the poughkeepsie office.

It is important for both landlords and tenants to understand their legal rights. For many years, I have represented both sides, either lords or tenants in finding solutions to their disputes, while protecting their rights. In doing so, I know how best to represent landlords.

If you feel as a landlord that your rights have been violated, call me to learn more about how we can approach the situation and work toward a resolution. To learn more about your rights as a landlord, click here.

Stella Isaza, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor
at Law.

Stella Isaza is a solo practitioner, with a general practice concentrating in Family Law and Domestic Relations in her City of Poughkeepsie office, within Dutchess County. Prior to having her own practice, she was an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Poughkeepsie, acquired her criminal defense experience with the Legal Aid Society in Sullivan County, NY, Associate in local firms concentrating in general practice, varied experiences with the Legal Services of the Hudson Valley in Housing Issues, Domestic Violence and in Family Law, and involved within her community. She has worked extensively in matters involving domestic violence, divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, equitable distribution, orders of protection, neglect, adoption, guardianship, separation, preliminary and post nuptial agreements, and advice involving collateral consequences such as criminal and/or Immigration. She speaks Spanish fluently.
Ms. Isaza is a member of the New York State Bar Association and its Family Law Section, and Dutchess County Bar Association.
She has earned her J.D. in 1990 from Suffolk Law, MA and her B.A. from St. John’s University, NY in 1980. She is admitted to the NYS Bar.